on Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've decided to stop being not-fun, and start posting like I used to.
It's oh-so-true that my workload has SUDDENLY TRIPLED from nothing to LOTSo'things,
but I've decided that really is no excuse for not wasting my time on the computer sharing pictures and new songs I find/love with ten (TEN! WAHOO! Welcome Brittany!) like-minded internet addicts.

Ohh, love.

So here. I'm back, and I missed you.

(this photo makes me want to grow my hair back out really bad)

I'm just really diggin the whole pink dress fairy tale thing right now...

And I really want to do this in my dorm room
providing my room mate is as awesome or non-existent as I've imagined her to be...

(thank you kate-maggie, and I love your blog by the way,
but I do disagree with your choice in coffee distributors- bleck!)

I really miss Chris today.
I wish we could go for a drive.

love, rudi

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