on Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!
How was everyone's weekend? Mine was goood.
I picked up Chris in Knoxville, and we
DIDN'T have reservations at a nice restaurant like he promised
("They were all full up when I called! I swear!")
but we DID get Bubble teas ( my new favorite!!) at the Cereal Bar and
had delicious greasy hamburgers and huge thick fries from Shelley, Idaho.
And that was amazing.
Of course, over our weekend of virtually doing nothing
(and yet having time to do nothing, either)
but watch movies and spend money,
we once again failed to do as we promised to each other and forgot to take pictures.
Except for two!!!
So here they are!!

This week my mom is in New Orleans with our neighbor Sam,

so me and Benny have custody of the baby!!

And it's potty training time...

Wish us luck!
love, rudi

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