on Saturday, January 02, 2010

So the holidays are now officially over. Our house is empty( almost- Mamaw was able to stay a little extra! YAY!) and the dishes are almost all caught up.

It's been an awesome couple of days. I really love having my family around- there's always a lot of noise and no where to sit! We played so many games, and ate way too many brownies and sugar cookies.
Maybe it's the fact that I'm older and about to leave home, but I suddenly appreciate my family so much more. We're lucky to all be close and love each other so much, and I feel really blessed with the hand I've been dealt.

The night before everyone left, I took my cousin's Alissa and Sara upstairs to play dress up. Lissy got some really awesome stage makeup from our aunt. I'm so jealous!! The lipstick especially are the most amazing colors.

I think the girls had a pretty good time with it all...

(that one is my absolute favorite.)

I have more photos to share with you, not my own but some that I've been hoarding for a while.

I'll probably post them after doing some math homework (ick)
Hope you're having a good Monday!

love, rudi

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