on Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everyone wish me luck!!

I leave off today with My mommy, Sadie, and friend Mel
to a far off, exotic place known as

I'm competing for a scholarship,
(and hopefully spending a little time with my favorite little leprechaun)
so send me all of your
pretty (seriously)
vibes so I can do my best to stun the crowd!!!

Don't miss me too much!
((And Mason, feel free to call me sometime. I miss you!))


  1. I'm surprised you found it necessary to point out the Missouri was exotic, I mean, c'mon. With all its exotic animals and beautiful ethnic peoples I think it's understood.

    But srsly, good lcuk!!! Which, lcuk, is better than luck!!!

  2. - Unknown: "To a young artist validation is the elusive boundary where dreams and aspirations cross over into the real world. To say you are an artist is an affirmation of hope, a design upon the future. To hear yourself called an artist is the thrill of a goal achieved, one true step forward down art’s long road."

    - Into the Wild: "I've decided I'm going to live this life. The freedom and simple beauty is just too good to pass up."

    - Daniel Day Lewis: (on acting) "If I weren't allowed this outlet, there wouldn't be a place for me in society."

    knock em' dead rudi.

  3. I'm sending miasma-tic amounts of good luck your way, KNOCK THEM DEAD.