on Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've got a few photos for you from my adventures,
but unfortunately,
because my camera is very heavy, I am forgetful, and I am a mediocre blogger,
I forgot my camera in the car for most of the trip.

But I did manage to get a few shots that turned out half decent!
On the long journey me and Mom and Mel got mustachios and lips

One of my favorite stores in Columbia is Maude V.
I bought a shirt and sweater,
and then a skirt,
and I didn't even feel bad for spending so much moolahs because everything was
so. beautiful.
I'll take a picture of my new clothses in a minute...

And also Mel looked adorable all weekend,
and met a new friend named Eric IMMEDIATELY
who was totally awesome and currently shooting a short film.

And my favorite-est Uncle Mike came to visit us for the day!!!!
Exporing the town and being congenial to college administrators is so much more fun/ easy with him around backing me up.
I seriously love this man.

I met a lot of really amazing girls this weekend, too,
and I didn't not like a single person I met.

The college was amazing, the town was full of adventure, and
I want to be a Stephens girl.

love, rudi

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