Good day: Bad Day

on Saturday, August 01, 2009

So, summer is almost over, and today it really seemed to hit me.

Some things to be sad about:

1) Working almost 8 hours, with nothing to do the last three
2) Having a good portion of one of those hours listening to some faux-yuppie talk way too loudly about her fun plans for the next 6 months ( the very worst type of yuppie)
3) Itchy legs
4) A swollen/red/burning/ pulsing left eyeball
5) Chris left today :(
6) Having a gross stomach
7) Mona leaves tomorrow
8) No concerts for me

Things to be Happy About:
1) I saw Chris two times in one week. It can't get any better than that, right?
2) Kittens yesterday! I think I might start campaigning to keep the little stripey one
3)This dress exists:

4) Looking at and gasping with amazement/wonder at all the pretty things with Lissy for an hour
5) Valerie just made the absolute best banana muffins I have ever ever eaten
6) I'm going to New York City on Monday
7) My new favorite-ish song

(but sad that it doesn't have a cool viceo...)
8) And eight hours of work means eight hours of pay, which all goes back to said dress:
Or, unsaid dress....

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