on Friday, June 05, 2009

(some house on the street where we live)

finland finland finland!!!

i love finland!

here are a few pictures from today. Everyone in town is very surprised that I carry a camera around (Mona says tourists never come here) and they wonder where I'm from.

You'd think they'd guess, though, because of my loud sharp English.

Here we eat five times a day. It sounds like a lot, but the meals are so little and quaint that it's like a whole day full of snacks! Yesterday for tea (tea!) we had waffle and syrup ice cream:

Today, Mona, Niko and I walked to get postcards (they should be in the mail tomorrow I think)
and to buy socks (we didn't buy socks).
But the best part, besides the eight degree weather was getting a mocha at
Kulma konditorio, (Corner Coffee)

(Mona says her grandmother will make me one of these homemade....and I think I may end up bringing ole Mamaw back home with me.....)

Here's a photo of Mona:
(she says it's a bad picture, but I like it)

Here's my little place in the bathroom. As you can see, I am different but I'm still part of the family.

i would strongly suggest a visit to Hyvinkää. It's well worth the cold weather.

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