big update!!

on Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where to start, where to start?

I think it's been a few adys since I've put anything up, but I don't really remember. I completely loose track of time here...

But a few days ago, Mona showed me Hyvinkää, our little town. It's pretty cute and we bike everywhere. I've become a frequent at Corner Coffee, yesterday Mona, Niko and I had tea and sandwiches, as seen below...

I've also had some brief encounters with finnish ice cream, which is quite a dream....

I had the classic Jättis, which is similar to a drumstick, but no nuts, no caramel, and jam in the center.

BTW: the Finns put jam on everything.

Except pizza, thank god, which I had last night.
Turkish pizza, actually, and I don't exactly know what to say about it except

it was disgusting it was wonderful

and we each had our own.

and they're huge. I had Venetsia, olives, ham, feta cheese, tomatoe, and mozzarella.
Mona and I cut out pizzas in half and swapped halves, so I had half of mine and half of my favorite, pineapple & ham.

The restaurant itself was great. Here's a good example of the decor:

You can imagine the rest.

I have a new favorite TV show, Madventures. This video pretty much sums it up.

I also saw them swallow beating cobra hearts, hang out with Myanmarian headhunters, eat virgin pig uterus (with a "sweet, virginey taste,"), and participate in some Indonesian religious ceremony where they completely reinact Jesus' crucifixion.

OH! and on the way to the restaurant we discovered the most amazing and rare of Suomi creatures...


Apparently they're quite rare, and the Finnish equivalent to our Jehovah's Witnesses.

I played paparazzi with them, hiding in the car while they marched on to save some souls.

meet Muumi.

He's everywhere. I mean, everywhere. He's like spongebob and minkey mouse and miley all combined into one little plush hippo or pig or whatever he is.
He has a whole family, including this creepy little thing,

The brown thing is the dog. And the little redheaded girl bites people when she's sad.

They're on cups, notebooks, expensive silverware, TV, stamps, jewelry, signs around town, clothes, everything.

Here a terribly photo of the Muumi soda I tried with my turkish pizza.
The boy is Henrii (I think), one of the sons of the family we ate with last night. He's going to give me a tour of the jewelry factory sometime next week. It should be funny because he's very nervous about speaking English.

sooo that's about all,

excpet I have a new hobby!!

Mona taught me how to knit, and I can't get my hands away from the needle.
It's so addicting. We both just sit and watch Finnish music videos (which are more or less awesome, I'll try to find some to share...) and knit.

I miss you all,
See you soon!

love, rudi

p.s. i love finnish keyboards. They have a button entirely for the ½ sign.

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