on Friday, March 19, 2010

This is me today,

and I'm not doing this for vanity's sake.

I'm showing Chrissy my new hat. :)

I do have photos for vanity's sake, though.

Me and my friend Dylan took pictures today,aaaaaaannnnnndddddd

I felt awesome.

except my face didn't look like I wanted it to look, but it's okay....

and sorry for the double spacing.

My stepdad drags his computer into the dining room and disconnects mine and mom's
[so every time we need to print of a single sheet of paper, we have to unpluck his crap
and plug ours back in and wait twenty minutes, but that's beside the point]
and his computer, for some reason, does it's own thing.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have my computer back, and I can show you new pictures I found :)
love, rudi


  1. Oh em gee!!! Your pictures are awesome! You look so pretty in all of them, and your hat is quite aweXome (better than awesome). I miss you so much, I wish you were here yesterday night, we had a blasty blast. Call me late today, I less than three you!

  2. I know what that means now, Truch.