on Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh wow!
I totally forgot I had a blog.

Actually, I've spent the past five days with Truchi,
my boy brand of choice.
let me tell you what.
We had just about the best time any two people can have.
I always laugh 14 times more than I do normally
when I'm with him,
and that makes me a very happy person.
We watched movies, saw a play, got mall sickness, cuddled, had a picnic,
absolute bliss.

(the hairy legs are accurate)

Tuesday we went to Lexington to watch my little sister while my mom accompanied my grandma to a doctor's appointment,
and we spent hours roaming around UK campus
(a very ugly college, by the way)
with my baby sister Sadie.
And then, after she fell asleep, we drove to Panera and ate soup and coffee.
And the world was altogether pleasant,
and the weather was just perfect.

Not of us, no, no no,
but of him and Sadie, Yes.

They're two of my all time favorite people.

Here's my pledge to you eleven people,
I will try my very best to stop forgetting I have a blog,
and post more often.
It's just that sometimes real life is more interesting...

But now that Chris is gone,
and school is back to normal,
I don't really have that problem anymore.

love, rudi

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