from 5:30 to 6:: in the evening

on Monday, September 14, 2009

The house is empty and we're out
of pasta sauce. I even checked the pantry but it
was empty except for mushrooms and thin rice noodles. So
I put Basil and olive oil on my tortellini but i
won't be doing that again. i made tea and let it
steam for a long time, and
the whistles warned me please, and i said no for a while
and i looked for some tea. i thought
my usual brackish stuff, but the tin was
empty. chunked out the three year old chai tea, and it
had brown dots in it but i spooned it into the cup anyway. and then
later, after adding a short living ice cube,
did it again. and now
the swirls in my cup look like galaxies but
they taste like water with weeds.
and i'm shoruh the couple restored is actually
the couple from that book i read
where the mother
was selfish, and the father
in his ideas.

love, rudi

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