so sorry ya'll!!

on Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've been a really really bad blogger recently. For a quick update, my family took Mona the Finnish exchange student to Kings Island and Cincinnati for two days, and we visited our favorite family the Bowes on Sunday in Lexington.
That trip to Lexington was really amazing. We went with everyone to Jeckle & Hyde at the Arboretum (really amazing play, anyway, and cleverly done. They had four actors act as Hyde!). But the really awesome part (besides the fact that I now have a 'letha' jacket- me and Bowe are twins!!) is that Mom and I ran into Ray Ray- a great friend we haven't seen in eight years!!
He's the one in the orange wig, my mom is the flowered one with dead eyes, and Liz is another old friend.
I must have been six or something.

So we had a pretty great day.

But that's not what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about lookbook.

I really love that site, and Patrick and I are determined to become a part of it.
We've unsuccessfully been taking pictures diligently to prove our worthiness as
fashion forward teens.

It's been slow.

Here's my favorite four from tonight:

I'm totally digging the white glasses, suddenly my dull yearning for suspenders is renewed, I wish my boys dressed like this, and I just like the last one because her legs look warm.
And I'm into warm legs.

But me and Patrick and Mona are supposed to go out tomorrow and take some new photos, so hopefully
a.) You'll See Them, and
b.) So Will Lookbook

We've been waiting far too long before we 'earned' our places on the lookbook bench.
I really think we're just lacking a friend with artistic photgraphing abilities.
But anyway,
I'm thinking it's time, don't you?

love, rudi

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