cherries and dresses, but not together.

on Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today I bought two dresses! And a hairbow that I've had on my mind for a very long time....
One dress fits perfect, and loves my curvy curvyness, and is
this print:
with this collar

It's called a peter pan collar. and I love it.
(thank you for this)

Our cherries are blooming! I tried a few, and could barely stop eating them! Between those and the purple berries that are slowly dying my car a light plum color- I'm getting my proper two to three servings of fruit a day.

I'm really going to miss my sister when I'm in Finland. I leave for Asheville tomorrow, and then I fly out to Finland Tuesday...

But really, my sister is so cool.
I mean, look at her...

this was taken today...a few minutes ago, actually.

today's ice cream is confetti cake.
...and I just realized I like purple and orange together.

I'm listening to Or, The Whale.
and I miss Chris.

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