For starters...

on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's begin with the people I'm usually around.

This is David, my brother. He's not actually my brother, but enough so that he feels comfortable enough to walk around the house in his panties.

He's a German. Which is WayFun.

Tonight he gets back from San Fransisco. I went in January (I'll show you pictures!) and now it's his turn.
I missed him.

This is my sister Sadie.
She just turned two.
Her favorite color is Lellow. Just ask her, she'll tell you. Over and over and over.

Me and my mom kind of forgot to film her for
the first two years of her life.
And now we're trying to catch up.
Tonight we had spinach pizza for dinner, and
I filmed her crying about it.

This is the boy.
He's extremely Italian, and I met his entire family at the same time in one weekend.

which was awesome.
It was like a whole housefull of the same funny Italian kid.

We have so much fun it's stupid.
But only once a month or so.

He lives far away.

and my mommy.

I love her.

She's the funniest mommie ever.

That's a good briefing, I think. There are two more people missing though....

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