ciabatta bread:

on Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today started off REALLY gross.
Like, my bagel was too dry and I had a KILLER hard math test first thing
then the bathroom lights went all crazy on me at school, and they were flickering and I
peed in the dark.
which was gross and made the bad smells seem ten times worse.
Also, it was way too cold in the school and I wore a dress.

on the plus side:
1. I got a letter from my Finnish family yesterday! Everything's official and they sound WONDERFUL
2. I got to come home early from school for an orthodontist appointment
3. I'm eating a really good sandwich.
4. I officially have a fun-filled weekend planned.
5. I have no homework

Here's a nice picture to brighten up your day:
Whoever you may be, because I don't think anyone has actually looked at my blog yet haha.

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