Seraphine de Senlis

on Sunday, May 22, 2011

I watched the movie Seraphine late last night, about the French cleaning lady who became a famous painter. It was just the type of thing I needed to see. The stills look like paintings themselves, and no matter how deep into the internet I search, I can't seem to find any prints of her work.

But my future apartments wants to be covered in Seraphine prints. It wants to.

love, rudi


  1. Are you a fan of french films?

    You must watch les choristes, it's one of my favorites... :]

  2. I just watched this film as well, and am on the hunt for her prints. Will post a link if I have any success.

    ... Oh and Le Fille sur le Pont is my favorite French film.

  3. any luck finding prints of her work? i am a fellow fan and after scouring the net have found nothing.

  4. I also want a print . . .

  5. The Abacus Gallery has prints under Seraphine Louis --start at 199.00