on Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ohhh yuck.

What a wonderful week, crushed by a terrible, terrible ending. 

You all may (hopefully?) have noticed my lack of, well, anything in the blog world this past week or so 
(dare I say two weeks? Surely not!)
because I've been savoring my last week with Chris.

That's right- last week. Until Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas break.
We've had a really great week, half in his town and half in mine, and I really can't complain about a single thing- except that our week had to end.

I do realize this is way, overly mushy, and that my mother/grandma/aunt/(dad?) who have read this blog are currently rolling their eyes and getting icky slimy feelings in their stomachs. But I'm okay with that. 
I just miss my boyfriend. He's just way fun.

Plus Sadie will miss him. She told me that they're best friends. 
Can you argue with that?

So I should be back into the world of the internet now, instead of the world of real life.

Here's a juicy tidbit for you, though.
When I was in Tennessee with Truchi we went to see a concert.
These guys:
Of Montreal, for those poor souls who are currently un-informed

and this little lady happened to be there

It's Janelle Monae!! For reall!!!

and they sang this!

And it made me and Truchi's week cooler- although it was near perfect to begin with anyway.

Tune in tomorrow, when I tell you about my disgusting internet discovery. I'll give you a clue- it has to do with eyeliner, plastic bags, and severe, society-crippling amounts of vanity.

love, rudi
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  1. It's good to see you back, Rudi! Though sad that you won't see your boyfriend for so long. =(

    Kate x

  2. Of course your dad reads your blog!!!!!